Mother’s Day 2021

It’s a long one….

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who in any way has been a Mother. Special love going out to the Mothers who have lost children or are trying desperately to become a Mother. I’m sending you tons of love and support, compassion and prayer, as I know this day isn’t always a happy or easy one for everyone.

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Those of us (myself included) whose Mothers have graduated (as a dear friend used to say) and are no longer physically with us, I also send you tons of love and compassion; today is oftentimes a bittersweet day. It’s difficult to have those memories and not feel the loss, no matter how long they’ve been gone. I choose to believe they are still with us, where they have always been, in our hearts. I believe they come visit us in times of great need or distress, in tiny form; butterflies and dragonflies and hummingbirds are just some of the forms they may take.

To the men who were everything from daddy to dollhouse designer, I salute you and send you boatloads of love and recognize your dedication to making it work. The most loving, adorable thing I’ve ever seen is a grown man braiding his daughter’s hair or The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) sitting in a tiny chair, sipping imaginary tea from a teeny, tiny cup for his little girl. Or taking his children to school with sparkles all over his suit because that’s what dads do when their kids need a last minute school project or hand made card for the teacher who is retiring; they go for it, glitter and all.

For the Mothers who were everything from mother to mechanic, I give you rib-crushing hugs and know you cried rivers of tears in your time raising your babies, but you survived and you thrived. Now your children understand sacrifice and what it means to commit to something, no matter what. You make everything look easy, but those of us who know you know that is far from the truth. Everything you have, you worked for; everything you lost was the price paid for everything your children now have. Lessons learned, tears cried on both sides and lots of yelling (teenage years) and a couple of slamming doors weekly, but you did it! You made it through it all and now you have grandchildren to spoil, teach, love and enjoy.

To everyone else who doesn’t identify as a Mother but brings love to those unloved, hears those who have been unheard, sees those who have been unseen or generally cares for others, whether blood relative or relative stranger, I see you and I appreciate what you do. You don’t do it for the recognition or the notoriety but I feel you need to be recognized, so there!

Last but not least, to the stepmoms who walk the tightrope of balance between being a mom but not replacing the birth mother, respecting her wishes while trying to build a relationship with her children, all the while trying to making a life with her husband, who happens to be the ex of said birth mom. This is path is not for the weak willed or timid; this is the path one takes when Love is the guiding force and any issue is simply an obstacle to overcome and there are many, many issues and tons of obstacles at every turn. If you’re in the middle of it and you feel as though it’ll never get better, it will. If you’re questioning what kind of mother you are, don’t. If you feel like you’re doing everything wrong, know that there is no right or wrong, there is only the way through it. Remember your focus and know that no matter what, Love will win. It may not be easy and it most certainly won’t be pretty at times, but this too shall pass.

If I have failed to mention anyone, my deep apologies. I didn’t mention fur babies, as I feel there will be a holiday for Fur Parents/Primal Parents/Parents of Pets/My Children Have Fur and I Love Them Day should be coming soon. I’ve got a call into Hallmark…

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