The Star and The Angel

Many moons ago, a star was struck by a passing comet that broke his arm clean off his star body.

He was lucky enough to be able to save the arm, even though he was in shock and more than a little bit mad at the rude comet, flying while distracted.

He put his arm in his back pocket and figured he’d fix it when he calmed down and could go to the nearest constellation for repairs.

Well, time moves quickly up above the earth with no clocks or timecards to punch, so eventually he forgot he had placed his broken arm in his back pocket.

He began to feel differently, though; he felt weaker and tired and now he jumped whenever a comet or shooting star passed by.

He felt like he was not like the others and therefore, wholly and completely alone.

He still had his shine, but it wasn’t as bright and he frequently felt as though not all was right.

He was broken, possibly beyond repair and to dream to hope, he could not dare.

Then one day he heard the most beautiful music and a bright, colorful shining light of goodness came to him in the form of an angel.

Now, I must tell you, this was no ordinary white-robed, blonde haired, blue-eyed angel.

This angel was as vibrant as the Lord’s finest rainbow with skin the color of glowing sand at sunset, rich and beautiful that shone with a brilliant light, warming him inside and out.

She did have wings but most unexpected thing was she was on roller skates! She wore a gorgeous tutu with colors like the Northern Lights, that danced as she swayed in place before the star.

A little angel on her back, perched between her wings with big, beautiful eyes full of curiosity and an endless stream of questions begging to be released examined him quite seriously, I can tell you!

“What is your sadness, Star?” said the rollering angel.

“I’m not like the others, I can’t shine that bright, I’m just not that great. I feel like something is missing, but I can’t find the answer.”

“Silly Star, you haven’t tried very hard, your arm is what’s missing and it’s in the pocket on your backside!” exclaimed the little angel with a giggle.

It was true. The Star had his missing part all along, but it took an angel on roller skates and her wise little one to help him find it again.

That is my telling of the story of how Devon, Jillian and Coco came to find each other and create a family of love, acceptance complete with tutus and roller-skates and music and dancing and all the things that happy hearts bring.

Happy Wedding Day!

Jillian, Coco and Devon 2021

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