Homecoming Memorial Day

Today we memorialize (remember) those who gave their lives in service to our country. Veterans Day is a different day, celebrating all veterans, living and deceased. Memorial Day focuses on those “made the ultimate sacrifice” by giving their lives in the course of their service. This post is dedicated to the men and women who […]

For Bella (Little Shadow)

This post is dedicated to all the little shadows we’ve been fortunate enough to love, for however long. Saying good-bye is never easy so let’s just say “see you soon” and know your heart is just as full as it was before they had to leave. My heart goes out to my friend who this poem is […]

Trees Make the Wind

Disclaimer: this post is not meant to say that I have no respect for psychologists, doctors and other mental health professionals. I have the upmost respect and appreciate all that my doctors have done to save me from myself and keep me alive all these years. This is a speculative post, a run of the imagination […]

In My Room

  In my room, time stands still. There’s cool comfort in the darkness; healing kisses to my dry, weary eyes. There’s no shouting, no arguments, no discord; only the tick, tock of the clock with no face the feeling of meeting oneself in this place. In my room, I can fly beyond the four walls […]

The Dream

Eyes clenched tightly shut, jaw squared and set. Draw a deep breath, shake your head, clear the fear. Square your shoulders, brace yourself; be ready to run for your life. Don’t look down, don’t turn back or you’ll be lost. Run, run for your life, no matter the cost. It’s coming for you and it’s […]