I Was Made for You

  The patchwork pieces of my mended heart lie perfectly in the places yours are worn. We stitch our well-weathered hearts together with the threads of empathy and understanding. Together, we mend and heal the jagged edges of our tattered souls. For every massive mercurial leap into mania, you’ve been my tether, my lifeline, my […]

Ode to Sourdough

You are the first to spring to mind when my tummy gets a little rumbly, You are the perfect base from which to build, be it a toasty treat or sandwich so nummy. Your duality is inherently attractive to me, slightly sweet and sour but oh so deliciously so! Your crust is crispy when toasted, […]

Thank You

Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk. -Rumi Intuition, that quiet little inner voice that guides me, keeps me out of danger and helps me to realize my true path has been screaming at me as of late. I have so much packing, storing and cleaning to do and so little […]