Flight of Fancy

Come with me on a flight of fancy.

You don’t have to pack a bag or cross the deep blue sea;

You already have the way to travel within

Just close your eyes and turn your thoughts toward the light

and just trust that everything will be all right.

Sink into the sweet, soft embrace of your favorite place to be,

in a dream you never tire of dreaming.

Your sweet face aglow, your eyes bright and your smile beaming.

This is where I go when I wish to see you again;

beyond time and space, beyond life and death

into the Otherworld, where all my childhood toys

and old crushes on boys live out their days in timeless space.

I go here to see you and with joyful heart, shining eyes and smiling face.

You live, where you always have, deep within the heart of my soul,

where all loved and treasured people, places and memories go.

Let’s sit under the shade of a willow tree and watch the sun rise and set,

there is no hurry, no worry and no regret.

Just you and me and the tree makes three,

happy to see, happy to be

on this flight of fancy.

Photo by Svetlana Romashenko on Pexels.com

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