Fate’s Saving Grace

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I wrote this a long, long time ago and have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with these types of loving souls (angels on earth, light workers, good and true friends and family of blood and of choice) throughout my lifetime. It’s to you all I dedicate this poem and all the emotion within.

There are those who go through Life blindly trudging their way through each day, with no direction or purpose in their stride, just trying to make it through until they can escape into the refuge of the night and the fantasy of sleep, only to rise again in the morning and repeat the monotony of another day.

They seem to believe that this is their destiny; to accept what is offered to them, no matter how incomplete they may feel, for this is all that they deserve. They like themselves, but do not truly love the person they are; they do what is expected of them and never question what they are told. They exist, but do not enjoy or love the life that is theirs.

If Fate looks kindly upon these people and if they can keep their eyes and hearts open, someone will enter their life who will help them to realize that they are indeed a very special person; that they can realize their hopes and make their dreams a reality.

This someone will not tell them what to do, but offer them a way to accomplish what they desire; or maybe by speaking to them, listening to their words, can help them help themselves. By being a different kind of mirror for them to see themselves through, without all the insecurities and faults they see; with a clearer reflection of who they really are.

To encounter a person such as this is a very rare find indeed and should be treasured for their talents and dedication. In a world that is mostly negative and cold, it is exceptionally refreshing to find someone who is positive and warm, genuine and caring and truly desires to help those who do not know how to help themselves.

Such a person may sound like a dream or a character from a child’s book of fairy tales but I have found someone who is all this and more. They have helped me to realize that I was one of those people stumbling blindly through my days; with praise, encouragement and wisdom they have enabled me to love myself enough to demand more from Life than what is offered.

Most importantly, helped me to see that I am worthy of love, it is my imperfections and flaws that make me like no one else and as such, I do not need to follow the flock; I can find my own way, strike out on my own journey with the knowledge that nothing is impossible so long as you have faith, a half-decent plan and absolute faith. You must trust and believe.

I do believe.

Do you?


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