Holy Moly! It’s Loud In Here!!

Holy Moly it’s loud in here!

I’d like to rupture my eardrum

(insert pencil in ear)

Not to be rude or mean,

but the endless amount of self-promotion

is obscene.

Do you crave the spotlight?

Must you be always right?

Perhaps you thought this was

group therapy for AAMNA –

All About Me (Clearly) Not Anonymous?

I understand….

No one has suffered like you;

No one has cried oceans of tears, it’s true!

No one has ever been as persecuted, slighted and/or ignored.

Your monologue of endless excuses as to why

your reputation must be restored,

Your praises sang from the rooftops on high,

You’ll be knighted by the Queen, so just stand by!

You’ll get the validation, the attention, the focus will be on YOU!!!

But then I’m sure we’re onto Round 2….

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus and Christ Our Lord,

Your indulgences I implore;

Give me patience to hear the hurt that lies behind the excuses

why it’s always someone else’s fault.

Give me grace to put my petty, unkind thoughts to an abrupt halt.

Breathe in to clear out the ego’s retaliation plan,

Dig deep to find empathy, to try to understand.

Try to be a better human being, to be more kind.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

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