The Dream

Eyes clenched tightly shut, jaw squared and set.

Draw a deep breath, shake your head, clear the fear.

Square your shoulders, brace yourself;

be ready to run for your life.

Don’t look down, don’t turn back or you’ll be lost.

Run, run for your life, no matter the cost.

It’s coming for you and it’s not going to stop.

It’s speedily stalking its prey and that prey is you.

Scream, scream as loud as you can inside your head

But don’t let the smallest sound escape or you’re dead.

Don’t fret, don’t fear, don’t cry or it will appear.

The scent of your terror is like a sweet nectar,

it craves it with an appetite that’s insatiable.

Fight, fight the fear that threatens to overcome you,

Seek out your talismans, tokens and tarot;

Arm yourself with prayer, passion and peace.

You can’t fight fear with fear, you’ll never win.

You must go deep, deep within

to find the true treasure,

the slayer of dragons and demons alike.

Stronger than steel, more lasting than gold.

The love that created you grows stronger

as your story unfolds.

Believe my child, believe in your strength.

Believe in your destiny, your gifts, your grace.

All of these things are true and already in place.

Turn and take a stand, the monster is beckoning.

Stop. Full stop. It’s the time of reckoning.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground

where Mother Earth’s power dwells below.

Lift your eyes to the sky and the sun and the stars,

where the power of the cosmos ebbs and flows.

You are a child of all this, created from stardust,

delivered to earth with sunshine in your soul and

iridescent moonbeams shining in your eyes.

Draw from the energy of your ancestors and

honor their sacrifice, their loss and their love.


Fight for your life,

fight for your happiness

and peace of mind.

Fight for your truth,  fight for your soul.

No more running.

No more hiding.

You are powerful in ways that cannot be measured;

You are blessed with gifts that must be treasured.

If only you believe,

there is no monster you cannot slay,

you will live to love another day.

Faith is a bird that sings a song

in the darkest of nights and brings

light to the soul.


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