Keanu and The Girlfriend

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Keanu Reeves has a girlfriend. Seriously.

If you’ve read all of my posts thus far, you know that I had (have) a deep and abiding respect with a mostly healthy dose of star-struck adoration for Keanu Reeves (see my previous post Keanu, Courtship and the Universe) and as of this post, have not been contacted by Keanu for courtship, coffee or even a restraining order.

The other day I was talking with a friend when she asked me my thoughts on Keanu and “the Girlfriend”. This woman of mystery who was apparently unknown to people such as myself; this woman who had suddenly appeared on his arm at an opening or something. I was aware of her existence and had yet to really give her much thought, except that she was the luckiest freaking lady in all of the once-great state of California, that’s for damn sure!! (For the record, her name is Alexandra Grant)

How did I really feel about it? Well, as with most things emotional, it’s not a simple answer. My immediate response was the crushing weight of reality, which unlike a weighted blanket to an anxious soul, was neither comforting nor a relief.

A fantasy, a hope, a wish or an outright delusion; they all have purpose. Provide a light at the end of the tunnel, creating space in your heart for when love does come knocking, help you to visualize what it is you most desire and to speak the name of that one that makes you feel like home. When this fantasy is revealed to be nothing more than wisps of smoke and flashes of light, when hope is lost and a wish goes ungranted, we tend to count it as a loss, a defeat. I have come to believe that it is simply a matter of us thinking very small and the Universe thinking on a much bigger scale.

I didn’t get to date Keanu Reeves, but he found someone who he trusted enough to let into his world. He chose her out of all the women (and men, in all fairness) who would do just about anything to stand in her place. That alone speaks volumes and I, for one, I am happy for them both.

Loving someone doesn’t mean they do what you want them to do. Being loved by someone doesn’t mean you surrender your rights and opinions and willful ways; it means you are loved, willful ways and all. It may not be pretty, but it’s real. When you really love someone, you are happy for them when fortune smiles upon them. When a lonely heart has found warm and loving embrace, when a lost soul returns home, when truth is finally spoken and doubt is cast aside, we celebrate because we know we have been given a precious gift.

When it is love, you celebrate a little bit longer, dance until your feet hurt, smile until your cheeks feel as if you’ll never frown again. It’s a gift with no guarantees, other than it will end well before you are ready to leave the party.

Congratulations to Keanu and Alexandra.

May your happiness be limitless and your time together, endless.

Live long and prosper.

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One thought on “Keanu and The Girlfriend

  1. Hi there 🌻 I am also in ur shoes. I want to play a trivial pursuit game on music with our beloved Keanu. Or find a great sandwich together or even a coffee. I do ponder of this if I may share. Angelina Jolie lives next door to Keanus mother and wanted to get together with Keanu. Then all of a sudden out Keanu comes out with Alexandra. Hmmmm I wonder if he did this with a long time previous friend to perhaps stop Angie and her brood from becoming a part of his very quiet life….I’m waiting to see what happens. And we must remember that its Hollywood and they do things like this there. Lots of gay men were married to women to hide themselves. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


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