The Magician and the Magic Disk of Confidence


A wise magician once gave me a magical, mystical gift.

He cast a spell, spoke ancient words of wisdom

and set intention to the gift,

placed it deep into my weathered,

worn and worried soul.

Like ice to burn,

Like warm to chill,

I felt the shift from

cold and dark,

lonely and stark

to warm and bright,

hope brought the campfire

that cast a circle of warmth,

faith help lift the burden of worry

from my weighted, slumped shoulders.

Confidence infused my being,

like the Northern Lights;

it’s beauty is almost blinding.

The magician smiled as he watched

the shift wash over me.

His eyes winkled and

crinkled with delight.

I wish you could see what I can see

it’s a most delightful sight to me.

Your truest, most authentic Self

peeked out to me!

I haven’t seen that girl since you

were but a lass so wee.

Now let’s see if you can invite her

to come back fully.

This gift of confidence will not fail you.

It will bring you all that you need;

not a knight in shining armor on a gallant steed,

not a prince with a glass slipper seeking

a foot so lovely attached to the one who captured his heart.

You are the magic, my dear. 

You have it all, right here.

My gift is an amplifier, a truth transmitter,

a broadcast system to your soul.

You are magic.

Photo on 10-27-19 at 11.12 AM #3

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