5 People You’d Love to Sit Down With

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Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on Pexels.com

Last night I was hanging out, drinking some very lovely wine with one of my OG friends and she shared with me an exercise she’d done at a job that had a great impact on her. The exercise was to name 5 people (living, famous, infamous or everyday Joe) who you would like to sit down with, have a meal and ask them anything. She clarified that her list was not based on how much she liked them or was a fan of and in fact, most were controversial and nowhere near or dear to her heart. Quite the opposite; they were not likable or personally palatable to her but their life journey thus far was ripe for questioning and begging to be understood from that person’s point of view. Firsthand knowledge from the source itself would give a greater insight, both emotionally and intellectually as to why they made the choice(s) they did.

I had to think about who my 5 would be and when I kept coming up with 5 people that I liked, mostly because of the way they’ve handled adversity and I can relate on some level to their journey.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. KEANU REEVES  – see previous posts regarding Keanu, Dating, Etc. ALL THE FEELS. I can’t even. So much love and respect. I would not even be able to eat a single bite and would just non-stop ask questions until security had me forcibly removed from the premises and a restraining order was filed.
  2. James McAvoy – so many questions, mostly if he has any single friends in Scotland looking for a well-behaved American lass to tame and keep for his very own.
  3. Liam Neeson – questions of love and loss, being mistaken for an Englishman, American, Canadian….everything but Irish. How do you resist the urge to smack people in their gob???
  4. Helen Mirren – goddess, muse, thespian, badass, rule-breaker, style-maker, no shit taker. You are my everything. I just want to study at the feet of the Master, bask in the glow of your gorgeousness.
  5. Demi Levato – the ultimate warrior in the war against mental illness, ignorance, addiction and the Art of Never Giving Up. This is a beautiful soul, inside and out, through and through. Her journey is nothing short of miraculous and I absolutely love her. Every setback is a lesson, every comeback better and stronger than before. You are the Phoenix, the soul that fights, dies and is reborn. Again, so many questions.

There are many more that I would love to sit down with and an entirely different list of people who are no longer with us that I would like to sit down with, but that’s for another post for another time.

Who are your five?



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