Mon Ami

This letter is written as though to one friend in particular, but it is really a blending of many friends, near and far, who I have been lucky/blessed/fortunate enough to have in my life. Some for a moment, some for a lifetime; all essential in my growth, my evolution and my survival. This letter is to all of you who have loved me enough to yell at me, care enough to be driven mad by my obstinate nature and occasional willful defiance; to those who think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth every 3 months or so and to those who know my rhythms and cycles and just sit back, possibly pray and wait for me to surface again. I love you all more than words can say, but I’ll try.


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My Friend

Know that even when we’re not together,

the best pieces and parts of you travel with me,

ever safe, ever present in my heart.

Know that as the years have passed,

our friendship isn’t the friendship of our childhood,

running wild and free, equal parts clueless and fearless.

When we couldn’t go a day without

speaking of the latest love, the greatest heartbreak.

The world has changed, as well as our lives;

we are older and sometimes wild, sometimes wise.

When times have been dark and lonely, I remember the laughter,

the happiness of our past and it helps me to see

that the clouds will lift, the sun will shine

and we will make mischief again, you and me.

When times are good and my heart is light,

I know that had it not been for you

and your unwavering love and tough love and truth,

I would not be here tonight.

When you think you don’t make a difference,

when you think I’ve forgotten about you,

know that you are wrong on both counts.

I may not call, I may not write, but I do thank God

and ask him to bless you, each and every night.

If true friendship is a rare and treasured gift,

I certainly have an embarrassment of riches

when I count you,

dear friend.

May we walk the earth long enough to love ourselves,

learn enough to know we don’t know everything,

celebrate our wrinkles, laugh lines and saggy bits.

Wrinkles only appear to those who have weathered the storms of time,

Scars are badges of battles fought; some lost, some won.

Growing old is a benefit that not all will receive,

growing old together will be an adventure,

best believe!

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