Just One Word

One word to bring hope,

one to bear witness.

One word to speak of a world that is limitless.

One word to ward off evil spirits,

one word to speak your heart’s desire.

Breathe life to the letters, bring colors to the air,

words are the rhyme with great reason

and flow with the seasons.

One word to cast out demons,

one word to summon my angels.

One word to extinguish the fires of regret,

one word manifesting riches to beget.

One word to command the light,

one word to bring forth the night.

One word to end all wars.

One word to call the lost

back to the fold.

One word to complete us,

make us whole.

One word to bring the end

and one to be reborn.

Peace, love, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, prayer, help, belief, faith, sacrifice, acceptance, death, ending, beginning, friendship, unconditional love, pure intentions, humility, grace, gratitude. Evolve, intuit, listen, visualize, create, become.

These are powerful weapons, talismans, tokens and spells that are masquerading as everyday, common and ordinary words. They are anything but that; when hate is faced with unrelenting and true love in the form of forgiveness, it cannot stand.

When a solitary person is being abused and someone shines a light on that dark act, the evil cannot endure the exposure to the light and the solitary person is no longer fighting a battle alone.

When life has been less than kind and good times are a distant, fuzzy memory and the urge to end it all becomes overwhelming, a simple “help” spoken or thought, can bring that soul in distress some angels on earth.

angel art black and white clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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