Fate’s Saving Grace

There are those who go through Life blindly trudging their way through each day, with no direction or purpose in their stride just trying to make it to the refuge of the night and the escape of sleep, dreading the morning and the monotony of another day the same as the one before.

They seem to believe that this is their destiny, to accept what is offered to them, no matter how incomplete they may feel. They like themselves, but do not truly love the person they are; they do what is expected of them and never question what they are told. They exist, but do not enjoy or love the life that is theirs.

If Fate looks kindly upon these people, a special someone appear in their life and will help them to realize that they are indeed a very special person and they can realize their hopes and dreams. They will not tell them what to do, but help them to help themselves.

Encountering a person such as this is a very rare find indeed and should be treasured for their talents and dedication. Finding someone so positive and warm, genuine and caring in a world that can be overwhelmingly negative and cold is akin to seeing a unicorn with an honest politician riding on his back, alongside World Peace and The End of Hate with their army of flying pigs. Nothing short of miraculous, to say the least.

I have been fortunate enough to know not one, but many people in my life thus far who have saved me, often from myself and more often still from the negativity that threatens positivity and happiness. They have helped me to realize that I was one of those people stumbling blindly through my days and they have given me the praise, encouragement and unconditional love that has enabled me to love myself enough to demand more from Life than what is being offered; more belief in my purpose, more gratitude, less attitude.

My intent now is to do my very best to pay it forward and to be such an individual to others; uplifting, supportive, genuine and caring. I cannot in this lifetime begin to repay the kindness, patience and love I’ve been given from such people throughout the years, but that will not stop me from trying.



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