Little Brother II

In my mind, I clearly see pictures of you walking with me;

A little toddler with unsteady legs, chubby cheeks and smile for all.

I hold his hand, watching, ready to catch him, should he fall.

He’s my little brother.

Many years pass, we’re a little bit older; sitting on the couch, my head on his shoulder

Wondering where the ties have gone (they flew right by)

“We’re growing up too fast!” I want to cry.

He’s still my little brother.

Through troubled times, when we kept our distance from each other,

Through it all, my little brother,

I’ve always loved you, I’ve always cared.

The good times, the secrets that we shared.

We’ve been blessed enough to have decades more,

No question it has been a journey, that’s for sure.

We are stronger, yet bear the marks of the battles fought;

Wear them like badges of courage, of hard lessons taught.

Forged by life’s troubles and tribulations,

You’re a knight of the Good Fight, an honorable man like no other.

You’re a healer, a musician, an artist and more than just my little brother.

You’re my friend, my confidant and someone I admire.

You’re not perfect nor do you pretend to be, yet still, you inspire.

All good things are borne of love; compassion, empathy and grace.

Love is the cure for what ails us all in thisĀ world, this place.

Simple, but true, little brother,

that love is you.


Me & My Little Brother

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