Little One

adorable baby baby feet beautiful
Photo by Pixabay on

Be still, little one;

Hear the wind carry the sound of destiny’s call.

Pay heed, little one;

The world is a wonderful mix of heaven and not heaven at all.

Love deeply, little one;

For love is everything you need in the Universe.

Be grateful, little one;

It’s the secret to avoiding greed’s dreadful curse.

Give generously, little one;

Of your time, your thoughts, your sorrows and your joy.

Let others help when you need, little one;

Your life is precious and too much isolation can destroy.

Free yourself, little one;

Following the masses will expose you to evils concealed.

You are powerful, little one;

Know that your mind is your sword and knowledge your shield.

You are loved, little one;

Across all time and space, forever and ever,

even when you’re no longer little.


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