Keanu, Courtship and the Universe

So let me start off by saying that by Keanu, I mean Keanu Reeves and if you think that I actually believe that he will read this and you are concerned for my sanity, worry not (not at least in this particular instance) for this post is truly a social experiment/test of the Universe and the Power of the Internet and in the spirit of “The Secret” I will ask Keanu Reeves for a date. He is totally single and available, as far as I know and fits most of the description in my previous post “Dating and Other Natural Disasters” so I figure why not!

photo of green data matrix
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Now I understand that he is a very private person even though his profession requires him to be surrounded by people daily during the course of a shoot or a job or whatever it’s called when you’re an actor and you’re working. Job seems to not capture some of the magic-making that movies and actors bring to us, like it’s Christmas every time I watch them. I like the whole private person and respect the need to rest the soul and cleanse the palate, as it were. I am good with quiet introspection and don’t need sound to fill the silence, as it allows my other senses to have their time; to smell the potpourri of smells that is your own special scent, to hear your breaths and know when you fall asleep reading, to see your face, so relaxed, so restful in the glow of the fire. I can touch your face and feel the warmth of your soul, heating your skin.

Privacy? Check!

Quiet Introspection? Check!

I hear so often that he behaves not only as a gentleman, but as a decent human being. Gender makes no difference when you are treating others as you wished to be treated, providing help when you have the resources, strength when there is need for it and tenderness because all we really need is validation, which is really just love. Unconditional, non-judgmental, pure love.

Love for days? Check!

Desire to help my fellow man? Check!

We can talk about children, faith, reincarnation, destiny, our hopes and fears, trials and tribulations and gains and losses when we go on our first date. Time is of no consequence, so if 30 years down the road, he comes across this, he can drop me a line and if I’m still alive, we’ll grab a bite, take a walk, take a ride on a bike up the coast or down the street and get to know each other. Or he’ll have a restraining order filed on me well before those 30 years and at least I’ll know he read this.

Dear Universe – please make sure Keanu Reeves gets a chance to see this.


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