Thank You

Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk. -Rumi

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Fine Wine? Napa Valley, NorCal

Intuition, that quiet little inner voice that guides me, keeps me out of danger and helps me to realize my true path has been screaming at me as of late. I have so much packing, storing and cleaning to do and so little time to get it done; not to mention seeing everyone, making more memories and capturing smiling faces and happy places.

I have found that we cannot truly appreciate the value and beauty of anything as much as we can once it is gone. I can tell you it is the same with people, in my experience.

Many people during the course of my life have enabled me to work through my issues, helped to hold me back when I wanted to leap forward into a bad choice. They have told me over and over again that I am worthy of love and that I am in fact loved by many. I am by no means perfect, but thankfully, perfection has nothing to do with being worthy of love.

True is the friend that sees you at your worst, when you have given up any hope and does not turn away; rather, they walk toward the darkness, knowing they are not immune to its effects, risking their soul in spite of the danger. I am blessed beyond reason, luckier than a four leaf clover in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow because I have an army of these quiet heroes, disguised as mere mortals. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and co-workers and friends I’ve yet to meet. Recognizing them, finding the words to explain the tidal wave of emotions that are brought forth when I think of them is next to impossible, but I must try. Time is short and the list is long.

I would love to list you by name and call you out, instead I will let you find yourself in this poem of thanks. You are there, trust me.


Thank you for believing in me during those many times when I didn’t believe in myself;
Thank you for not letting me hide my talents up and out of sight, forgotten on a shelf.
Thank you for hearing the pain and hurt behind the rage.
Thank you for helping me to heal, to move on and turn another page.
Thank you for giving me time to think and not say something I’d regret.
Thank you for telling me I am someone you will never, ever forget.
Thank you for setting me free to find my way,
Thank you for checking on me nearly every day.
Thank you for your acceptance, it means the world to me.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your understanding so freely.
Thank you for being my hero, I admire you so much.
Thank you for your life affirming hugs, your smile and your gentle touch.
Thank you for your quiet and true love of me,
Thank you for holding me while I wish I had died,
Thank you for telling me to let it all out while I cried.
Thank you for telling me weakness has nothing to do with how many tears one has shed.
Thank you for rescuing me from the blackness, carrying me into the sunlight and bringing myself out of my head.
Thank you for believing I was suffering and hurting, even when I looked fine.
Thank you for being a true friend, an inspiration and an angel bearing gifts, all mine.

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